12th May 2019 | Result of 4 way battle

The club results are:

Exmouth 109.2
Wantage 96.5
Melbourne 90.0
Cardiff 88.4

The top 10 sequences are:

1 Exmouth Aunt Lucy 25.40
2 Cardiff A Mother’s Story 22.99
3 Exmouth Stories Behind The Pictures 22.84
4 Wantage The Saviour 22.72
5 Exmouth La Vallee des Saintes 22.09
6 Melbourne The Smoke That Thunders 20.64
7 Wantage Snow Goose 20.33
8 Melbourne Scoresbysund 19.93
9 Exmouth Deepest of the Deep 19.91
10 Exmouth Conjoined Cathedrals 18.91

When he looked through the scores, it was clear that one club (Exmouth) had marked lower than the other three, so as an exercise Ian tried out an alternative way of collating the scores. Based on each club’s scoring, Ian ranked the sequences in order and gave the top one 15 points, the second 14 and so on down to 1 point for the lowest ranked one. He then summed these totals by club to see if it made a difference. The result was very slight – Melbourne and Cardiff changed places but Exmouth and Wantage remained 1st and 2nd, so he still doesn’t know which is the best method!

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